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iOS6 Guided Access

iOS6 included a new feature called Guided Access. Essentially what it does, is allow you to lock an iOS device into a certain application and disable touch input on certain areas of the screen as well as the home button.

This has obvious benefits for iViewer, an iOS device can now easily be set to run only iViewer and nothing else. Ensuring that it is not possible to fiddle, or to try and use the device for another function other than these for which it is intended.

Using Guided Access also disables the slide to unlock function.

There are however a two points to be wary of when using Guided Access:

  1. When guided access is activated, the screen will dim manually after 2 minutes (with the appropriate option set) and turn off completely after 10 minutes - this turn off time out cannot be changed.
  2. If the screen has been turned off, and is turned back on via the power button then the slide to unlock function will still be there. It only bypasses slide to unlock if you turn the screen on using the home button.

iViewer Settings

For Guided Access to work with iViewer, you must ensure that the Multitasking setting in iViewer settings is turned on.

Configuring and using Guided Acess

For a short video on how to configure and use Guided Access, see this video.

More Info

For more info on iOS6 and iPhone 5 see this page.

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