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Firmware Force Update

In some cases the hardware might end up in a state where it has invalid firmware loaded.
The procedure below is a fail-safe way of forcing a specific firmware file to be uploaded to any CFLink hardware.

  • Load up System Commander software on your PC.
  • Ensure you are using a wired Ethernet connection from your PC/Laptop. Wireless connections can cause issues on some networks, so the use of a wired connection is always preferred.
  • Create a separate network for your devices using a router between your computer and LAN Bridge. Or give both your LAN Bridge and computer a static IP address in the same subnet range and wire directly from your computer to your LAN Bridge via Ethernet.
  • Remove any working CFLink devices from the bus if possible.

After taking the above into consideration, please follow these instructions to perform a fail-safe firmware update:

  1. System Commander > Network > Update Firmware (Single)
  2. Select the appropriate firmware file
  3. Choose “Manual” mode
  4. Enter the IP Address of your LAN Bridge for the 'CF Network', or alternatively use a serial port communication (with the on-board serial port set to 'Programming Mode').
  5. Enter the CFLink ID for your device that is awaiting firmware upload. You can find the ID by watching the log window in System Commander for WHO announcements. Or try the default ID of the device type.
  6. Uncheck 'Check Model'
  7. Now press the reset button on your device waiting for firmware using a paperclip or something similar
  8. Immediately press the “Start Upload” button in System Commander
    1. This must be done within a second or two of pressing the reset switch on your device waiting for firmware
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