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AMX Module

Google Groups user Gary L (tekxtuf) has written a module which allows iViewer to communicate with an AMX Netlinx control processor.

Please note that this module is not written by CommandFusion and we offer no support on it. It has not been tested at all by us and we do NOT guarantee it works as described.

To download the module, visit the post on our Google Groups here.


The instructions below are included in the download and written by the author:

This AMX module will allow an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad with the Command Fusion iViewer application to communicate with an AMX Netlinx control processor. All communication should be directed to the virtual device as is typical for AMX modules. The CF Main file is provided as an example of how to use this module. Command Fusion is “Crestron-centric” in that the program relies on join numbers as identification for page and pop-up page controls whereas AMX uses page and pop-up page names (text strings) to control these elements. The module calls an AMX Include file where associations are made between page names and join numbers. You will need to modify the Include file with the names and numbers from your project. No data changes are required in the module file itself. This module is provided as-is. It is based upon previous work by others. You are encouraged to improve on it and share your efforts.

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