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iPhone 5, iPhone 6(S) & iOS 6 onwards

Below is listed important information about using CommandFusion products with the iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 & iOS6 onwards.

If you wish to report a new issue, please submit a ticket or post on the appropriate Google Group via our support page.


To design a GUI for the iPhone 5 or iPhone 6, select the iPhone 5 option from the common page sizes in project properties:

  • Portrait: W:320 H: 568
  • Landscape: W:568 H:320

The iPhone 5's actual resolution is 640 by 1136 pixels, and the iPhone 6 and 6+ are even higher resolution, but iOS will automatically handle the scaling for you.
When providing images for your GUI, feel free to provide only the @2x variant (using the full screen resolution) as there is no iPhone 5 with non-retina screen. Read more about retina display support in iViewer & guiDesigner.

If you attempt to use this resolution in an older device, iViewer will crop the the GUI to fit.

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