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Managing Users

Users of a project are the mobile devices accessing the project, such as phones and tablets. So when the documentation mentions a 'User' it is not an actual person, but a unique mobile device.

Users must be allocated to a project before launch. This can be done automatically or manually, depending on your preference.
Simply hit the toggle switch alongside 'New User Allocation Mode' to change this.
To allocate new users, you must have User Credits in your account.

Every active user of a project must remain allocated to the project, otherwise the app will stop running the project and instruct that the project can no longer be accessed.

Automatic Allocation

If automatic allocation is turned on, then any user with the valid token and PIN information can launch the project.
This will automatically deduct a credit from your LaunchPad account. If you do not have any credits remaining in your account then the automatic allocation will fail, falling back to manual allocation.

Manual Allocation

When automatic allocation is disabled, any user who attempts to launch the project will be logged and await your manual approval via the LaunchPad website.

When a user attempts to launch a project via a valid token and PIN code, the device details will be added to the project as 'awaiting allocation'. An email will also be sent to the project owner to notify them of the new device allocation request.

The project owner can then either allocate or delete the allocation request.

Once the user is approved, it is allocated and the project can be launched again by that user by entering the project token and PIN again on their mobile device.


To remove a user from a project, simply hit the 'Deallocate' button alongside that user. The user will then see a message that the project can no longer be accessed when using the CF LaunchPad app.
After deallocating a user, they can be manually reallocated later. Even if automatic allocation is turned on, this user will not be able to launch the project using the same token and PIN until manually allocated.

If the user is not allocated to any other project, the user credit will be returned to your account to use again on other users.

Allow Offline Use

By default, all CF LaunchPad app users (mobile devices) must have internet access at all times to continue to run an allocated project. When a device has been offline for 3 days, it will deactivate itself until internet connectivity is restored and the user will have to enter the project token and PIN code again to continue.

For projects that do not have internet access on the control devices, this can be modified to allow an allocated user to continue running a project without internet connectivity.

When a user is set to offline mode, it cannot be deallocated or deleted from a project, but will continue to run even when offline.

Importantly, the device must have internet access to first load the project and must still have internet access after 'allow offline use' was enabled (if it was not enabled before first load) until it has communicated with LaunchPad server to receive the 'allow offline use' state. This will generally only take 1 minute at most.

After disabling 'allow offline use', the device must first connect to the internet and check in with the LaunchPad server to receive the state change before it can be deallocated or removed from the project.

Delete User

A user can be deleted from a project by hitting the 'Delete' button alongside the user. This will remove the user entirely from the project.
After deleting a user, they can be automatic allocated if automatic allocation is turned on. So if you do not want the user to be able to launch the project again, you will need to disable or delete the PIN code they used, or change the project token. Be careful changing the token however, as this will cause any other users of the project to be deallocated since the token they used is no longer valid!

If the user is not allocated to any other project, the user credit will be returned to your account to use again on other users.

User Activity

Hitting the 'View Activity' button alongside any user will take you to a log of all activity for that user within the current project.
There you can see when the user last launched the project, details about the user and the allocated launch data (token and pincode used), along with a log of activity such as launch attempts and usage specific to the user.
The IP address is logged with each event to help track usage and spot anything that is out of the ordinary.

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