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CommandFusion develops software for the automation and control industry. For typical uses of CommandFusion software see our typical applications page. All our software are downloadable from

iViewer for Mobile Devices

iViewer for Mobile Devices is an automation and control interface for mobile devices such as iPads, iPhone and Android devices.

iViewer has the same core features across both the iOS and Android platforms. This means you can use the same tools to create your control interfaces on Apple and Android devices.

The entire user interface can be endlessly customised using our free guiDesigner software. The only limit is your imagination.

The ultimate in customisation deserves a powerful JavaScript logic engine. iViewer has all bases loaded when it comes to flexibility.


guiDesigner is a user interface design application for creating the interface and programming for iViewer.
Design your interface in guiDesigner, then upload it to your mobile device running iViewer.

System Commander

System Commander is the configuration tool for our hardware. It is used to discover and configure CommandFusion hardware on your network.

IR Learner

The IR Learner software goes together with our USB IR Learner hardware for learning any IR code and testing it for accuracy via the on-board blaster output. Among other additional features are IR Codes cleanup, importing codes from other IR files and libraries and many more.

DIN-RY Config Tool

The DIN-RY Config Tool is specially designed for our DIN-RYx-N series of relay controllers. Multiple functionality and configuration options are available including device discovery, firmware updates, port configurations, setting up macros/rules and many more.

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