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The DIN-RY8-N is a 8-channel compact relay controller with load detection feature. In addition to the relay controls, RS485/RS232 looping/external control bus for connecting multiple units or controlling external device as well. Dry contact inputs are available with On-board macro/rules engine for event programming that all can be programmed into the unit that makes it a very powerful standalone multi-feature control option.

Real-Time Load Detection

A unique feature which allows each of the load states to be detected when wired as per our wiring guidelines. This allows 2-way mechanical switches to be used in conjunction with this unit where both units act as a traditional 2-way switch. The advantage of this is that mechanical switches can always be used regardless of the state of the automation system, even if the automation system is not powered on or operational.

The unique load detection also allows the state of each load to be detected, and through our protocol, allows discrete on and off commands to be issued which automatically evaluates the state of the load first before deciding whether or not the relay needs to be switched.


On-board rules engine allows macros to be fired when events such as dry contact or load status changes are detected. Macros can be used to control multiple DIN-RY family units in the looping RS232 or RS485 chain or to send custom messages to control systems via the RS232 and RS485 ports. Programming is completed using a cross-platform (Windows & Mac) application, connected via either RS232, RS485, USB or Ethernet when using an Ethernet to serial converter such as the CommandFusion LAN Bridge or Solo products.


Relay Outputs - 8 x latching relay switching outputs; 8 x 3-pin fixed-mount terminals blocks with L1, L2 and common; Relay Rating: 16 Amps resistive at 240 VAC. Neutral AC Input - To detect load status. 1 x 2-pin fixed-mount terminal block. Dry Contact Inputs - 8 x dry contact inputs. 1 x detachable 9-pin 3.5mm terminal block. RS232 - Serial port for control. 2 x detachable 3-pin 3.5mm terminal block RS485 - Looping IN and OUT RS485 serial ports for control and looping between multiple units in the DIN-RY family. 2 x detachable 5-pin 3.5mm terminal blocks. DC Power - Looping IN and OUT DC power ports. 2 x detachable 2-pin 3.5mm terminal blocks. Accepts 12-24VDC


AC Input - 220-250VAC Neutral line for load detection. Power Consumption - DC (12-24VDC): 0.5W (idle), 2.5W (max) AC (load monitoring) - 3.2W for 250VAC (max)

Front Panel

8 x yellow LEDs for status indication and miniature push buttons for toggling relay outputs. 1 x USB Mini-B socket for programming via USB using PC software. Can also be programmed via RS232 or RS485 connection (either directly or via Ethernet using a serial converter). Power - 1 x blue LED indicating power status. RS232 - 1 x yellow LED indicating RS232 serial traffic. RS485 - 1 x yellow LED indicating RS485 serial traffic. Unit ID - 2 x 7-segment red LED display shows the unit ID on the looping bus. Blinks during setup mode. Up/Down - 2 x miniature recessed push buttons used to change the unit ID when in setup mode. Setup - 1 x miniature recessed push button used for entering setup mode to allow unit ID changes via up/down buttons. Reset - 1 x miniature recessed push button to perform a soft reboot. Dry Contact Inputs - 8 x yellow LEDs indicating the state of the dry contact inputs.


Enclosure Polycarbonate with light grey finish and black fascia, occupies 9 DIN module spaces, utilises 35mm DIN EN 60715 rail mount. Height 61mm (2.40in) Width 161.6mm (6.36in) Depth 89.7mm (3.53in) Weight 0.412kg (0.9lbs), Shipping 0.55kg (1.21lbs) Temperature 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F) Humidity 10% to 90% RH, non-condensing Certification FCC, CE, C-Tick

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