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Re-Printing an Item from the CommandFusion Blog

Have you seen an article, guide or news item on our blog that you would like to re-blog on your website?

That's great! We actively encourage you to do so - but please ensure you follow these requirements to make sure we all get the benefit of the efforts we have put in.

Please note that these requirements do not apply to press releases.

Re-Printing Requirements

Editing or Removing Text/Images

You should NOT edit or remove text/images in anyway without requesting permission from us first. You can request permission by contacting us via one of the methods on our support page or by emailing sales (at) commandfusion dot com.

Please do not remove references to CommandFusion or to our products without asking permission.

Author Credit

You must give the author and CommandFusion credit for the article. Please do so and provide a link to

If the article does not provide information about who CommandFusion are, then you should include the following text:

About CommandFusion
Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2005, the company has been selling its flagship software product (CommandFusion iViewer) for iOS since 2008. Renowned for its flexibility and versatility, iViewer is now available for both iOS and Android platforms. iViewer provides users the ability to create a custom graphical user interface on their mobile device that controls almost any networked device. CommandFusion recently released its first hardware line in 2012. The hardware range provides a cost effective, modular system that provides the ability to tie many different systems together to allow for a central control point and automation. With a small, dynamic and driven international team coming from the automation, software and hardware fields, CommandFusion strives to offer the best support and fastest innovation turnaround in the industry.

Notify Us

Before you post the article, please send us a courtesy email to let us know to sales (at) commandfusion dot com. Let us know who you are, where it will be posted and when.

Please also let us know when the article has been posted and provide a link.

Thank you for your co-operation!

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