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Interlocking Module

This is a JavaScript module that allows you to implement interlocking easily in guiDesigner & iViewer.

What is interlocking when we refer to a graphical user interface (GUI)?

Basically, it is when only one join can be active at a time in a group of joins.

E.g. you have 4 buttons in a GUI, each that select a source. Only one source can be selected at a time, so you would use interlocking to make sure that only one join can be active at a time. When a different join is activated, it first deactivates all other joins in that group.

Example GUI

These files are designed to help you implement interlocking in your projects.

It contains a demo gui and all the required JavaScript files.

Below is a screen shot of the .gui file


The instructions are included in the GitHub readme and the Interlock.js file.


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