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Control4 Integration

Recluse AV – Command Fusion HW Driver Suite

The Recluse AV Command Fusion HW driver suite for Control4 allows you to expand Control4's inputs and outputs by using Command Fusion Hardware.


  • Communication via RS232 or TCP/IP
  • Communication from one CF device to another via CF Link (rs485)
  • Integration of IR, RS232, GPIO and Relay devices

Full Integration of

  • Command Fusion Mini - 8 x IR, 4 x Relay, 1 x RS232, 4 x GPIO (GPIOs can be used for dry contact, digital voltage, relay or video sense)
  • Command Fusion Lan Bridge - 1 x ethernet, 1 x RS232
  • Command Fusion IR Blaster - Onboard IR Blaster, additional IR output
  • Command Fusion SW16 - 16 x dry contact, 16 x led outputs
  • Auto setup of Command Fusion serial port by binding devices through Control4.
  • Binding of SW16 to Control4 lighting devices with LED feedback
  • Ability to utilise the RS232 port on the CF Mini or Lan Bridge for control over the CF devices or as an output to 3rd party devices.


Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver?
You can utilise integration of Command Fusion HW with Control4 in several ways. For example the SW16 allows you to make 16 custom buttons with LED feedback. This is extremely useful for custom keypads or integration of 3rd party dry contact keypads. A good example is Clipsals 240v Saturn range of keypads which have LED feedback.

Control4's recent devices have also lost the video sense loop (Control4 used to have this back in the old home theatre controller days). The GPIO's can be configured to accept this.

The CF Mini can also be configured for digital voltage. You can now fire an event if you have a device which gives you feedback at a specific voltage level.

The CF Mini can also fit into alot of tight spaces which other IO expanders cannot.

CF-Link cabling can also go upto 1 kilometer which may resolve issues for certain jobs.

The CF-Link bus is also great for retrofitting into certain jobs where cabling is looped or in a star configuration.

I'm not a Command Fusion programmer. Do i need to learn how to setup the devices?
The driver will handle the majority of programming for you including serial port reconfiguration and GPIO reconfiguration. It's designed to be everyday easy.

What about the CF MOD-4 and DIN-MOD4?
Recluse AV is working on integrating the MOD4/DIN-MOD4 into Control4. This will eventually provide you with the ability to add whatever module you want into the 4 slots expanding it to say 32 x IR's or perhaps 32 x relays or even 16 serial ports. Note that this can expand even further by adding more MOD4/DIN-MOD4's onto the bus.

How do I find out more information about the hardware
Please visit for more information

Will this driver cost us money annually?
There is only a once off charge for this driver licence for each project.

How can i purchase this driver?
The driver is available for purchase to control dealers through the Recluse AV Website. If you are not a dealer we can recommend a dealer within your area.


This information is taken from the Control4 forum:

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