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Loading Projects with LaunchPad

It is now easier than ever to load your guiDesigner projects onto users mobile devices.

Loading Steps

This is the standard method to follow to upload your project and then launch it on a mobile device.

Programmer Steps

  1. Create your projects with guiDesigner.
  2. Create a project within your LaunchPad account.
  3. Click the 'LaunchPad' icon in the guiDesigner tool bar
    1. Make sure you are running guiDesigner v2.7.7 or higher
    2. If you still cannot see the icon alongside the Save buttons, then go to the main menu Window > Reset Layout.
  4. Enter the project token and PIN code associated with your LaunchPad project (these are automatically generated for you when you create a new project, but you can change them as you like).
  5. Hit the 'Upload Project' button to send your project archive to the LaunchPad cloud service.
  6. Within LaunchPad website, view the project and edit the newly uploaded file to make it active for phone, tablet or both.

Client Steps

Your client can then follow these steps to load the project onto their device (or you can do it for them):

  1. Install the CF LaunchPad app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Run the app and enter the token and PIN code associated with your project.
  3. Hit the 'Launch Project' button
  4. If the project is set to 'Auto Allocation' then make sure you have User Credits in your account so the user can launch the project immediately.
  5. If the project is set to 'Manual Allocation', then you will need to allocate the user to the project and then the user will need to enter the token and PIN again.

More Options

The steps above outline the detailed way to load a project, but LaunchPad also has some nice features to make it even easier.

Manual Project Upload

You can also drag and drop a guiDesigner project archive into your LaunchPad project rather than using guiDesigner to upload.

QR Code

On the LaunchPad project website, there is a 'How To Launch' button. Hit that and a QR code appears allowing you to scan the code on your mobile device and instantly load the project into the CF LaunchPad app.
If the app is not yet installed, it will take you to a webpage with a link to install the app.

If you access the LaunchPad project website on your mobile device, you can also hit the 'Launch' button alongside any PIN code listed in your project.
This will do the same as scanning the QR code - instantly load the project if the CF LaunchPad app is already installed, otherwise take you to a website to install it.

Via Email

On the LaunchPad project website, there is an 'Email Launch Guide' button. Hit that and you can enter an email address to send an email to, which will contain all the instructions for a user to run the project on their device.
You can send email to yourself to see how it looks, but basically it contains the token and PIN info, as well as a link to directly load the project and/or install the app.

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