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User Credits

User credits are used to allow mobile devices to run guiDesigner projects within both CF LaunchPad and iViewer 5 apps.
The credit count is shown at the top right of the LaunchPad website after logging in.

CF LaunchPad app

Every unique mobile device (phone or tablet) running CF LaunchPad app that is allocated to a project will consume 1 single credit from your account.

A mobile device can be allocated to additional projects without consuming any additional user credits.

If a device is fully licensed for iViewer 5, it can also be allocated to any LaunchPad project without consuming any additional credits.

Automatic allocation of devices to projects requires your account has a positive user credit balance.

Currently, CF LaunchPad app will always use a full credit when allocating a device to a project.
If your project consists of a single page, you will need to use the iViewer 5 app to take advantage of Single Page licensing (as described below). We plan to add support for single page licensing to CF LaunchPad app in future.

iViewer 5 app

The same user credits can be used to license devices for the iViewer 5 app.

There are 3 licensing modes for iViewer 5:

  • Full License
    • Consumes 1 license credit.
    • Allows projects of any size to be run on the device.
  • Single Page License
    • Consumes 0.1 license credits, so a single credit purchase can be used to license 10 devices for single page mode.
    • Only single page projects can be run.
    • Page Flips are disabled.
    • Lower price point (purchase a single credit, use it for 10 single page devices).

iViewer 5 licenses can also be applied to unlicensed devices as a once-off purchase (rather than purchasing a user credit) via the 'iViewer Licenses' page of the LaunchPad website.

Migrating Credits

If you have an old account with us that contains iViewer credits, these can be migrated across for LaunchPad and iViewer 5.
See our migration guide for more details.

Purchasing Credits

To purchase credits for your account, simply click the user credits count at the top of the LaunchPad website, which will take you to your credit balance page.

Then click the 'Buy User Credits' button and enter the number of credits you wish to purchase. The more you purchase, the lower the price per credit. There are price breaks at 3, 5, 15, 50, 100 and 200 credits.

Then you will be taken to a payment form where you can pay via credit card or PayPal.
If you have a coupon code, tap the coupon code link to show the field to enter your coupon.

Once your payment is accepted, you can return back to your account and the credits will automatically be applied.

Transferring Credits

You can transfer credits from your account to another LaunchPad user account using the 'Transfer User Credits' button on the credits page of your account.

You will need to enter the recipient's email address, which must belong to an existing LaunchPad account.
You will also need to enter the number of credits to transfer, as well as a short message as to why the transfer is taking place.

Once the form is submitted, the credits will be deducted from your account and instantly available in the recipient's account.

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