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CFLink Bus Faults

Messages from an individual sender to an individual recipient are typically acknowledged by the recipient to confirm that the message went through. If the sender does not receive an expected ACK, it will send the packet again, up to 30 times. As soon as it receives a valid ACK packet, the send message operation is complete and status is reported to the application. If no ACK is received after all retries, the operation is terminated and fail status is reported (which the CFLink Fault is lit). To give you an example: The user sends a command to CFLink ID 0x30 which doesn’t exist through LANBridge. The LANBridge should have CFLink Fault LED lit as it will not receive any ACK after 30 retries. The CFLink Fault usually happens when:

  1. User carelessly transmits a message to a CFLink ID which doesn’t exist.
  2. User sets wrong ID in the Target Notification tab (in system Commander).

The only way to clear the CFLink fault indicator is to power off the device, wait 30 seconds then power it back up.

If the CFLink Fault still exists then the reason for the fault is still present. Check your rules etc.

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