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Clipsal 5031NMS Range

The Clipsal 5031NMS range of switches (CBus slave mechs) can be integrated with the CommandFusion SW16.

The 5031NMS range have 2 LEDs in each button (orange and blue) and can also combine to get a purple color. The LED functionality can be fully taken advantage of by the SW16.

You can learn more about the 5031NMS range here:


One SW16 can drive 8 switches. To integrate the switches you will need to cut off the plug that comes on them, there is a specialised PCB available to make integration easier - contact us through our support page for more info.

Pinouts are as follows:

  1. +5V
  2. SW+
  3. SW-
  4. Blue LED - (cathode)
  5. Orange LED - (cathode)

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