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Run iViewer on Mac, Windows & Linux

There are a variety of Android options today which allow for the implementation of iViewer on a number of platforms, including Linux, Mac OSX, Windows and as a standalone device. Below are some suggestions and tips based on our experience.

Standalone, with touchscreen (native)

HP and quite possibly a number of other companies make a reasonably priced Android touch device all by itself. Called the Slate 21 or Slate 21 Pro, it is not well reviewed as a viable desktop device, but it works very well as a dedicated iViewer device.

Standalone, without touchscreen

Android-x86 is an incredibly fast native Android port to x86 platforms. This will install on any x86 PC, and works really well with the reasonably priced Intel NUC PCs. However, touchscreens are poorly supported, if at all.

Emulation, with or without touchscreen


To run emulators with touchscreen, simply purchase a suitable touchscreen for your operating system. As these change frequently, we are not making any recommendations. Some research on how well the touchscreen works is highly recommended.

GenyMotion (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux)

GenyMotion is an incredibly fast emulator for Android that works on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. It has a built-in OpenGL driver that works very well, but has several disadvantages. The free version has a watermark which says “Free for personal use”.

Google PlayStore is not natively built-in, and requires some fiddling around to get it installed. You may find these guides helpful:

To test GenyMotion takes just minutes.

  1. Install the latest version of VirtualBox
  2. Then install the latest version of GenyMotion.
  3. When asked if you wish to install VirtualBox that is bundled with GenyMotion, click no.
  4. Create a GenyMotion account, and download a profile of your interest.

For iViewer, any profile will work. Regardless of the profile you download, you can customise the resolution to ANY resolution that you wish to run at, including in fullscreen mode. Rotation is supported.

Once GenyMotion is running Android, simply go to the browser and head over to CommandFusion’s website and download iViewer to install it.

BlueStacks (Windows, Mac OSX)

BlueStacks is probably the most well-known emulator, but in terms of speed, it can be pretty slow in terms of graphics performance. BlueStacks does not support Linux as far as we know at the time of writing.

If a rooted version of BlueStacks is desired, you can save yourself the trouble of rooting and use FreeStacks instead. However, this usually runs an older Android release. (Facebook login is required)

Android Apps

The following apps is not by any means a comprehensive list of recommendations, and they may or may not work well. They are not developed or supported by CommandFusion.

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