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Statusbar Example

This demo guiDesigner project shows you how to manage the status bar visibility.


Controlling the Status Bar

You can show, hide and toggle the status bar by setting specific digital joins high.
The joins are as follows:

  • Show = 17931
  • Hide = 17932
  • Toggle = 17922

These join numbers were originally chosen to emulate the status bar features of Crestron touch panels.

You can also use JavaScript to change the status bar appearance:

// Make status bar text black
CF.setDeviceProperty(CF.StatusBarAppearanceProperty, CF.STATUS_BAR_BLACK_TEXT);

// Make status bar text white
CF.setDeviceProperty(CF.StatusBarAppearanceProperty, CF.STATUS_BAR_WHITE_TEXT);

// Hide the status bar
CF.setDeviceProperty(CF.StatusBarAppearanceProperty, CF.STATUS_BAR_HIDDEN);

Activation methods

You could activate the digital join as per the demo GUI above, or any of the following ways:

  1. Via the optional 'target value assignment' property within a Command (this is how the demo GUI does it)
    1. Send the command as the Startup Command of the system
    2. Send the command via a button press
    3. Send the command via a Timer on a page. This method could be used to activate the status bar on specific pages only.
  2. Via feedback processing, setting the digital join state in a capture group or onmatch item.

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