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Siri Voice Control Example

CommandFusion iViewer + Siri = Home Automation Voice Control

This is an example of using Siri speech-to-text dictation alongside CommandFusion iViewer to control any Ethernet device via voice commands.

See this video for an example.

To view the most up to date version of this guide and download all relevant files, visit our Github here.

The example makes use of the CommandFusion JavaScript API to process dictated speech in text form in order to perform actions.
The JavaScript logic allows for a lot of dictation error margin by using word replacements. Check the siri.js source code for details.

How is Siri Used?

Unlike many of the examples floating around youtube, this implementation of Siri Home Automation uses Siri within an app, rather than having to hack Siri to use some proxy and require a processor always on to handle the logic. The method others have used could be closed at any minute by Apple, and is more of a hack than a solution.

Instead, iViewer itself handles all the logic, and as a bonus this will work from both local and remote wifi/3G connections.

Because we are using Siri in-app, the only current option is to use the “speech to text” dictation functionality from the onscreen keyboard.
In future releases of iOS firmware we expect to be able to simplify this to allow better Siri integration.

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