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RSS Parsing Example

Parsing RSS data is an excellent source for news, weather, sport results, etc.

iViewer can parse RSS data much like it can parse any web page. You simply send a Command to request the data then use Feedback Parsing to capture the data you are interested in.


Requesting the RSS Feed Data

The first step in parsing RSS data is to request the actual feed data by sending a HTTP Request Command to the server hosting the RSS Feed. There are a couple of ways you could do this:

  1. Attach the command to a button for manually requesting the data
  2. Set the request as the Startup Command for the System
  3. Create a Timer on a page, set to a repeat count of 1 so that the request command is only fired once when the page is shown

Determining System EOM

The EOM (End Of Message) string that you define in a System defines where incoming data will be split before it is given to the feedback processing engine.
So, you should use an EOM that splits the incoming RSS Feed data into the sections of data you need.

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