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Quasar Electronics RGB Controller

As shown in the demo video, this module allows iViewer to control RGB LEDs via RS232 commands using the 8191 RGB Controller from Quasar Electronics.




Download RGB Module Here

or for the most updated version:
View this module on GitHub

Basic Info

The portrait page has sliders to control individual levels, or all levels at once.
The landscape page contains a color picker, and some preset color options. You can tap or drag finger around to change the color levels. The sliders will also update to reflect the chosen color.

Protocol Documentation

There is a PDF included that contains the protocol documentation that was used to create the module.

Module Design

This module uses JavaScript to implement the controller's protocol.


To create a new RGB Controller object, you pass the object some paramters:

var myRGB = new RGBController({
    systemName: "RGBController", // The name of the system in guiDesigner where commands will be sent to
    address: 0x4C // The device address, by default it is 0x4C. This can later be changed using the setAddress convenience function

Convenience Functions

There are a few convenience functions built in:

  • setChannelLevel
  • setAllLevels
  • setRGBLevels
  • setAddress
  • startSequence
  • setSequenceTime
  • sendData

The sendData function simply takes an array of integers representing a single protocol command, and creates the byte array with prefix and address bytes as per the protocol documentation, then sends it to the controller.

See the JavaScript code for details on the parameters for each function.

Generic Colour Picker Module

For a generic colour picking module, see this page.

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