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Automatic GUI Update Module

This JavaScript module allows you to implement automatic GUI updating features into your projects.

This way you can store your guiDesigner projects in remote location such as dropbox (or similar) then any time the project GUI file (or project archive) changes, you can present a notification to ask the user to update or ignore the update.

Example Application

Implement an automatic update checker into your GUI, allowing your clients to be automatically notified when an update to their GUI is available.


Simply add the autoupdate.js file to your project and instantiate it in your own main.js file for your projects. You can can use the main.js file included in this demo as a sample on how to use it within your projects.

We recommend either using your own web server to store the project, or a service like DropBox. Always use project archives (zip files) when storing on services like dropbox to ensure asset files for your GUI will be loaded correctly.


Download the project via the below Link and add your iViewer license to the project in guiDesigner, then load it onto your licensed device running iViewer.

Please note that the demo GUI will not be able to force a GUI update on the server if you do not apply a license.

In this demo you can see the auto update feature in action. It allows you to trigger an update on a GUI file on our servers, you can then either hit the Check for Updates button, or wait for the GUI to auto check (occurs every 1 minute) then notify you that an update is available.

The zip archive includes all required JavaScript files. Download The Demo Project Here


You can also view the project on our GitHub.

Remote Hosting

You can learn more about remote hosting of GUI projects here.

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