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Migrate Account

You can migrate your details from your existing CommandFusion website account.
This will bring across any remaining license credits to your new LaunchPad account as user credits.
Your existing iViewer licensed devices will also be migrated to your new LaunchPad account.

Once you migrate license credits from your old account, they are no longer accessible in the old system.
All credits must then be used within the new system!

Existing iViewer 4 users will continue to operate without change. Migrating your licenses simply moves them to the new LaunchPad system to manage them.

The Different Accounts

At CommandFusion, you may have had 1 or 2 accounts in the past. The main device management account and an online store account.
In the past these were two separately managed accounts since our online store system is separate from our device management system.
You should have been using the same email address for both, so that license credits purchased could be applied to your account.

So now your LaunchPad account should be using the same email. Except now you don't have to create a new account.
We have tied the LaunchPad account with your online store account so you use the same login details on both.

You can login to LaunchPad with the same email and password as your online store account! No need to create a new account.
If you try to create a new account on LaunchPad using the same email as your online store account, it will instead ask you to login.

Starting Migration

When you login for the first time, we will check your online store login and if you have a matching account there then LaunchPad will present an account migration wizard.
This will ask you to enter your API Secret Token for your Device Management account (where you previously managed your iViewer 4 licenses). You can find this token on your profile page at the CommandFusion website.

Once you enter the API token, the migration process can start and will run as follows:

  1. Check your online store credentials match
  2. Check your device management account API token is correct
  3. Migrate your license credits to your LaunchPad account
  4. Migrate existing device licenses to your LaunchPad account
  5. Show a summary of the migration result

Migrating Again

After migration is complete, you can still migrate the data again if needed.
This might be necessary if you purchase credits via the online store and use the order checker in your old account by mistake (instead of accessing them via LaunchPad first).
Or if you license a new device in the old account, and want to migrate it over to the new account.

To access the migration again, simply visit the migration page on LaunchPad.

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