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Page Flip Delay - iViewer/guiDesigner


Im using iViewer & guiDesigner and I'm trying to implement a page flip delay so when pressing a button there is a short pause before flipping to another page.


In your button, instead of assigning a basic action, set the button to use Advanced Actions.

Edit the advanced action, add a new action group. In the On Press handler that is added, set the start delay (in milliseconds) that is wanted. In the Script field, type: CF.flipToPage(“my page”); (of course, use the page name you want to flip to).

Your script will execute after the delay you programmed. Alternately, you can do this through a command and join assignment, but the solution above is the most simple.

If, instead of a delay after button press you want to execute the flip only if the button is held for a specified duration, use the Hold Delay instead of the Start Delay (of course you can combine both if you want).

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