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Retrieving GUI File

This information is provided as a last resort only, after trying all other methods to retrieve the original GUI files. This is not a supported function of iViewer and as such, support cannot be offered by CommandFusion.

Using Debugger

By enabling and connecting to the debugger, you can obtain the GUI file and scripts, but the images cannot be retrieved. There is no way to retrieve project images from device cache.



So if your debugger URL reports as then the GUI URL would be:

Apple iOS Devices

Please note that this method will get you the GUI file only. Images will not be included.

If you need to extract the existing GUI from an iOS device, then you first must do the following:

  1. Jailbreak the device (not covered in this guide)
  2. Enable SSH and connect to the device using a program such as Cyberduck (not covered by this guide)

Once you have connected to the device:

  1. Navigate to /private/var/mobile/applications
  2. You then need to find the folder for iViewer, this will mean opening each folder until you find a folder within named (the folder names are a jumble of letters and numbers)
  3. You can also locate this folder by downloading SBSettings from Cydia, then opening it up and go to app folders, then choose iViewer 4, it will then tell you the folder name and location.
  4. Once you have ascertained which folder is for the iViewer application, navigate to /documents/caches
  5. This folder will have two other folders in it, one of them will contain a file named cached.gui
  6. Download this file, this is your main guiDesigner project file.

We have tested this method on a single page GUI file only - it may vary for GUI's with multiple pages etc.

Android Devices

  1. Get access to the directory structure of the device memory (not covered in this guide)
  2. Navigate to /data/data/com.commandfusion.iviewer4/files/caches/ - note the directory may differ depending on your device and OS version.
  3. There will be a folder for each cached project, using a unique UUID (random characters). See the .json file in the caches folder for a detailed explanation of the relationship of each folder.
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