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System Manager

The System Manager allows you to create and manage Commands, Macros and Feedback Parsing within your GUI Project.


The System Manager is a dockable window that you can place anywhere within guiDesigner. It contains a toolbar and a tree view listing all the External Systems, the systems Commands and Feedback Parsing, as well as Macros.
You can add as many systems as required, each with their own unique connection details and name.


The System Manager toolbar contains 7 tools:

  1. Add Command
  2. Add Feedback
  3. Delete Selected
  4. System Library

Add System

Pressing the 'Add System' toolbar button will launch the System Properties dialogue window. You can then details manually via the System Properties dialog.

Add Feedback

Pressing the 'Add Feedback' toolbar button will launch the Feedback Properties dialogue. You can then enter the details manually.

Editing System Manager Properties

You can edit the details of existing commands, macros and feedback items by double clicking on them in the System Manager tree view. This will bring up the properties dialog for the selected item.

  • System Properties
  • Feedback Properties

Other System Manager Topics

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