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Startup, Suspend and Resume Events

iViewer is a powerful and versatile generic home automation remote control software. Without any scripting, you can perform complex tasks like parsing data from remote systems, filling your UI elements, responding to events, sending commands, etc.

In some cases, though, you want to have more control and more flexibility over the way you respond to events, process and generate data. To this end, you can use JavaScript to drive iViewer, talk to remote systems, watch network events and perform more complex tasks than could be done with simply parsing input with regular expressions.

Introduction to iViewer Scripting

It is important that you read the introduction documentation first. Please familiarise yourself with this documentation before submitting a support request.


When iViewer loads a new GUI, it looks whether the GUI has Javascripts set up in the project. Read more about Startup here.


This event is sent to your script in the following occasions:

  • Under some circumstances when the OS temporarily takes over the user interface (for example, when receiving a SMS)
  • When iViewer is put in background on the device (user switches applications) if multitasking is enabled
  • When iViewer quits (switching applications with multitasking disabled)

Learn about how to use CF.GUISSuspendedEvent here.


This event is sent to your script when the application resumes.

Learn how to use CF.GUIResumedEvent here

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