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IR Learner Protocol

Full documentation of the IR Learner protocol is available in this Google Doc:

The CommandFusion IR Learner sends out an IR string after learning, in the following ascii format:

  • Bytes 1-4: Frequency Divisor (eg. 0066)
  • Bytes 5-X: IR Code in string format.

The Frequency divisor is used to calculate the IR frequency (kHz):

  • Frequency = 4145.146 / Frequency Divisor

Given a frequency divisor string of 0066:

  • Frequency = 4145.146 / \x66
  • Frequency = 4145.146 / 102
  • Frequency = 40.63 kHz

The IR Code string following the Frequency Divisor is in the following format:

  • LPLPLPLP….. (repeating set of L and P)
  • L = Logic 01 (ON) or 00 (OFF) (two digits)
  • P = Period in µs (microseconds, two digits)
  • For the exact period, multiply the P value with 25 to get the final µs value.
  • eg. 016100160119 = ON for 2425µs, OFF for 550µs, ON for 625µs
  • The length of this string defines the length of the IR code.
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