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Interfacing with CFLink

There are two main methods of interfacing with CFLink from external software or hardware (such as other Control Systems).

  1. Ethernet, using a LAN Bridge.
  2. RS232, using any device with an onboard RS232 port.

If you want to use iViewer/guiDesigner with CommandFusion hardware, you can use the CFLink Command Builder.

Interfacing via Ethernet

In order to directly communicate with CFLink devices on a CFLink bus via Ethernet, there must be a LAN Bridge on that same CFLink network.

A LAN Bridge can be configured in many ways to allow external CFLink interfacing, including TCP Server/Client and UDP Unicast/Broadcast. By default, a LAN Bridge is configured to allow communication via UDP Broadcast on port 10207 and via TCP Server running on port 10207.

There are 10 communication slots that can also be configured however may be required, customising the Ethernet protocol being used, port numbers, and other settings such as maximum simultaneous connections to the port.

See the LAN Bridge documentation for more information.

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