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Page Slow to Load in iViewer

If you find that you have a page in your guiDesigner project that is slow to load (3+ seconds) on your device it may be because because iViewer is being forced to resize large graphics files.

Using Large Graphics in guiDesigner

Lets take an example, say you have a graphic that you want to use in your guiDesigner project that is 2000 pixels x 2000 pixels in size but you only need the image to be 500 pixels x 500 pixels in your GUI.

The Wrong Way

You add the image to the project, and resize it down in guiDesigner - done…..right? Wrong!

This is the wrong way because guiDesigner does not actually resize the files - what it does it tells iViewer to resize the file when the page is opened on the device. This uses the CPU of the device and it can drastically decrease the performance of your GUI.

The Right Way

The right way is to resize the files before adding them to your project. Use a program such as Photoshop to resize the image to the correct size first. This will mean the CPU of the device does not have to do extra work when loading the images - meaning your GUI will run as fast as possible.

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