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Case Study: Barry Gordon’s Residential iPad System

Posted By Aaron Green - 01 Oct, 2013

Barry Gordon is one of the CommandFusion community’s most active members. He is constantly participating in discussions on our Google Groups and always strives hard to help other Commandfusion users. [Barry has decided to open up his home, and give us an in-depth look at how he has uses iViewer 4 to control almost every aspect of his house.]

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50% off iViewer 4 Pro! Ends October 4

Posted By Aaron Green - 23 Sep, 2013

Did you get our newsletter on Friday? If not, then you may not have heard we are offering a huge discount on iViewer 4 Pro at the moment!

CommandFusion IR Blaster Output

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We are feeling generous this month! That's why we are offering 50% off 1 x iViewer 4 Pro license per customer! ... read on »


Custom Code Crafters recently released their latest iViewer template 'Glide' for iPhone 5, 5S and 5C. Glide is now available on the CommandFusion Store! ... read on »


IR Blaster - IR Rules Guide

Posted By Aaron Green - 18 Sep, 2013

The Commandfusion IR blaster is a powerful piece of hardware. Its main function is to fill a room with infrared, removing, or reducing the need to run cables to each device you want to control.

It has 12 IR emitters built in, giving an output of 270 degrees. On top of that, it also has built in IR receivers. We can use these receivers to trigger what we call IR rules. ... read on »


Important Information Regarding iOS7 and iViewer 4

Posted By Aaron Green - 17 Sep, 2013

This is important information for users of iViewer 4 on Apple devices.

Edit: The iViewer update is now available and you should be able to upgrade to iOS7 without issues. ... read on »