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Case Study: Barry Gordon’s Residential iPad System

Posted By Aaron Green - 01 Oct, 2013

Barry Gordon is one of the CommandFusion community’s most active members. He is constantly participating in discussions on our Google Groups and always strives hard to help other Commandfusion users. [Barry has decided to open up his home, and give us an in-depth look at how he has uses iViewer 4 to control almost every aspect of his house.]


Barry Gordon’s House

Barry makes extensive use of iViewer's JavaScript API to provide powerful functionality to his home automation system

From the music system to the doorbell, there isn't much that Barry's system doesn't control in his home.

The case study goes over every part of the system in great detail, it includes:

  • System hardware overview
  • Screenshots of almost every GUI page in use
  • JavaScript modules

Head over to the case studies section of our wiki to see the entire case study.

JavaScript Module Flowchart

Barry Gordon’s JavaScript Module Flowchart

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