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New C3 Template 'Glide' Now Available in the CommandFusion Store

Posted By Aaron Green - 19 Sep, 2013

Custom Code Crafters recently released their latest iViewer template 'Glide' for iPhone 5, 5S and 5C. Glide is now available on the CommandFusion Store!

Glide is simplicity itself. It combines a modern, 'flat' design style with an incredibly easy to use and intuitive menu system. The result is a user interface which works with an outstanding level of efficiency and clarity.

The Glide Template Comes With


  • Apple TV
  • Bluray
  • CCTV
  • Climate
  • Curtains
  • Digital Radio
  • Favourites
  • iPod
  • Lighting
  • Movie Server
  • Music Server
  • Radio
  • Satellite
  • Security
  • Shades


  • Fully optimized for Retina display
  • Full component palette
  • Scrollable music lists
  • Over 100 icons included
  • Help files included


  • Device / Source menu
  • Zones Menu


  • Settings


Once a C3 template is purchased you may use it as many times as you like within your company, no need to buy further licenses for each job!

Icon Creation PSD Included
Create your own icons simple and easily usind the PSD file included with this template.

Full Palette Pages Included
This template comes equipped with complete palette pages, making it incredibly easy to find, copy and paste any button or component into part of your project.

Swappable Backgrounds
This template has been designed to be used with the background of your choice. It comes complete with a number of pre-made backgrounds especially optomised to make it really shine.

Editable Text
Where possible, all text in this template is editable. Allowing you to re-label buttons and heading wherever necessary.

Extensive Icon Set
This template comes with an extensive set of icons included as standard.

This template is designed to be as customisable as possible. Drag and rop and cut and paste to your heart's content.

User Friendly
All our panels are designed to be as user friendly and as intuitive as possible, both to the programmer and the end user. We have spent many hours working to make them as flexible and usable as we possibly can.

Portrait and Landscape Screens
This template features both vertical and horizontal versions of each page, allowing you total flexibility in interface layout.

Documentation Included
Full PDF documentation included.

Glide is available right now in the CommandFusion store at a very attractive price. Go get yours now!

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