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We have great news for our Portuguese speaking customers - we have organised Filepe Kirino of Curso Direto in Brazil to run a training webinar in your own language!

Felipe will cover the basics you need to know to get started with iViewer and guiDesigner. You will create your own graphical user interface (GUI) and upload it to your device. ... read on »


The CommandFusion IR Learner: No Code Too Hard

Posted By Aaron Green - 08 Jan, 2014

It's now coming up to 2 years since the CommandFusion IR Learner was released, and we are yet to find an IR code that it can't learn! ... read on »


New Products to be Announced at ISE Amsterdam 2014

Posted By Aaron Green - 07 Jan, 2014

Are you coming to visit us at ISE in Amsterdam? If you are, we will have a brand new product to show you. ... read on »


Happy Holidays from CommandFusion - 50% off iViewer!

Posted By Aaron Green - 19 Dec, 2013

Well its that time of year again, the time when everyone gets crazy busy and according to customers the world ends on December 25th - all jobs must be finished by then! ... read on »


Voice Control in Home Automation: Fad or Future?

Posted By Aaron Green - 17 Dec, 2013

With the rise in popularity of Apple’s ‘Siri’ voice control, it was only a matter of time before voice control was tried in home automation environments. Recently we have seen a number of videos demonstrating voice control for home automation.

Siri Icon

Apple’s ‘Siri’ has helped to raise the popularity of voice control

Individuals and companies have been experimenting with voice control for a while now. Even we (CommandFusion) have a module that makes use of Apple’s voice recognition system which allows implementation of voice control in iViewer and many people do use it.

But is voice control practical? Is it really going to be the revolution in home automation that some people seem to think it will be and change the way we control our homes forever? Or maybe it’s a passing fad or a useful tool…but for limited applications? ... read on »