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We have a variety of documentation available online, and rest assured we are working on more and more documentation and help resources.

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CommandFusion Wiki

The CommandFusion wiki is the central repository for all documentation relating to CommandFusion software and hardware.
To find the information you are looking for, try searching the wiki, or using the navigation tree on the left of all wiki pages.

Community Support.
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Get help from our growing community of helpful users on our Google Group. There are many experienced users willing to lend a hand.
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Web + Skype + IRC

When one of our team members are online, you can chat with us, and other community members via our IRC channel. We are also available on Skype for one-on-one support. More details below.

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You can submit a support ticket and one of our support staff will reply as quickly as possible. All your previous tickets are there for you when you need them as well.

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Technical Support
Username: CommandFusion
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Chat with us and other community members online

Our Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel is always open. You can access it via the following IRC Server details:

Room Name: #CommandFusion

Try one of the following IRC Clients:

or Connect via any browser.