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C3 Xenon Themes for guiDesigner Now Available

Posted By Aaron Green - 08 Nov, 2013

Custom Code Crafters have just sent us over their Xenon theme for guiDesigner. These themes contain everything you need to easily and quickly create an professional looking GUI from scratch, without the need for any graphics knowledge.

The theme comes in two flavors - large and small. Large is optimized for larger displays such as iPads and other tablets and small is designed for smaller displays such as iPhones and other smartphones.

The themes are also fully compatible retina displays.

So head over to our store and order yours now!

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Google+ Hangout Recording November 7th 2013

Posted By Aaron Green - 07 Nov, 2013

We just wrapped up our first Google+ hangout, if you missed it you can watch the entire recording below. Topics covered included: SIP Integration C... read on »


Google+ Hangout Scheduled For November 5/6

Posted By Aaron Green - 30 Oct, 2013

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event has been postponed by 24 hours - I have updated the dates below to show the new, correct dates and times.

CommandFusion Co-Founder Jarrod Bell will be hosting a Google+ Hangout next week! Depending where you are, it will be on either November 6th or 7th.

CommandFusion intermediate - advanced customers, are invited to join us on Google + and participate in the discussion. ... read on »


Learn More About Using Joins in iViewer & guiDesigner

Posted By Aaron Green - 28 Oct, 2013

Joins are one of the most important elements of your iViewer GUI. Almost every object in your guiDesigner project has a Join of some sort associated with it. ... read on »


Hardware Distributor Appointed in Italy

Posted By Aaron Green - 25 Oct, 2013

We are pleased to announce that we have appointed Nexeva S.r.l. as the exclusive distributor of CommandFusion hardware in Italy. ... read on »