CommandFusion Blog Home automation news from CommandFusion Wed, 11 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0000 CommandFusion iViewer 5 Release 2019-09-11 <p>Announcing the release of iViewer 5.</p> <p>We are releasing a new licensing platform shortly to make managing iViewer licenses easier than ever, and to prepare for this we have pushed the latest round of iViewer changes as a new app to the Apple and Android app stores. Custom Code Crafters Release New "Bobbl" iViewer Template For iPhone 2016-09-22 <p>The talented people over at Custom Code Crafters have done it again, they have released yet another smart home GUI design that really shows off what CommandFusion iViewer can do.</p> <p>Their latest template is called 'Bobbl' and it is designed for the iPhone.</p> 76 Year Old Barry Gordon Uses CommandFusion iViewer In His Huge DIY Home Automation System 2016-09-19 <p>It's not every day that you come across a 76 year old who has fully designed and installed their own Home Automation system, but that is exactly what Barry Gordon of Florida has done! Solo Pre-orders Open Now! 2015-08-14 <p>Have you been waiting for more news on our upcoming all-in-one networkable controller - the Solo? Well the wait is over, you can pre-order the Solo right now!</p> <div class="span12 pull-center"> <p><img src="" alt="CommandFusion Solo" /></p> <h5 class="muted">CommandFusion Solo</h5> <p><br/></p> </div> <p> Intelligent Environments Appointed as Distributor in New Zealand 2015-05-20 <div class="span12 pull-center"> <p><img src="" alt="Intelligent Environments Logo" /></p> </div> <p>We are pleased to announce that Intelligent Environments Limited have been appointed as the exclusive distributor of CommandFusion hardware covering the region of New Zealand. Run iViewer Directly from the iOS Notification Center using Launcher 2015-04-29 <p>Ever thought it would be handy to be able to launch a specific iViewer page directly from your Apple notification center? Well with the Launcher App, you can.</p> <div class="span12 pull-center"> <p><img src="" alt="Launch iViewer from the Apple Notification Center" /></p> </div> Visit us at ISE to Preview Our Upcoming Cloud Service: Control Center 2015-01-23 <div class="span12 pull-center"> <p><img src=""></p> </div> <p>Come and visit us at ISE 2015 in Amsterdam to be one of the first to see our upcoming cloud service: Control Center. Black Friday iViewer Sale - 20% off iViewer Licenses 2014-11-17 <div class="span12 pull-center"> <p><img src="" alt="CommandFuion iViewer Discount" /></p> </div> <p>Until the end of November, we are offering a 20% discount off iViewer licenses. USA CommandFusion Distributor Appointed 2014-09-26 <div class="span12 pull-center"> <p><img src="" alt="Bass Products Logo" /> <br/></p> </div> <p>We are very happy to announce that Bass Products have been announced as the <strong>first Distributor of <a href="">CommandFusion hardware</a> in the USA.</strong></p>