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IR Blaster - IR Rules Guide

Posted By Aaron Green - 18 Sep, 2013

The Commandfusion IR blaster is a powerful piece of hardware. Its main function is to fill a room with infrared, removing, or reducing the need to run cables to each device you want to control.

It has 12 IR emitters built in, giving an output of 270 degrees. On top of that, it also has built in IR receivers. We can use these receivers to trigger what we call IR rules.

CommandFusion IR Blaster Output

Commandfusion IR Blaster Output

What are IR rules?

IR Rules are a very powerful feature of the IR blaster. Basically, it allows the IR Blaster to recognise an IR code sent from one remote, which then triggers a rule to send out a macro of commands to any device on the CFLink bus, including sending another IR code via the on-board blaster.

What can IR rules be used for?

One of the obvious uses for this is the enable one remote to control many devices. As an example, you could use the Bluray/DVD controls on a Samsung TV remote, to control a different brands DVD/Bluray player.

CommandFusion IR Rules

Commandfusion IR Rules

Some other possible uses for IR rules could include setting up a whole scene where when you push the power button on your dvd remote, the lights dim, the curtains close and the television is switched to a certain input – all with adjustable timings.

IR Rules Guide

To demonstrate how to do this, we have put together a video and text guide, where we set up a Samsung remote to control a Soniq Bluray player. Head over to our wiki to see the text guide, or view the video below.

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