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KNX Integration

iViewer is able to be integrated with KNX via third party tools/plugins. Below is some information to help get you started.

Apple KNX

Apple KNX is supplier of the Apple - Android KNX IP Interface.
This interface provides the communication between Apple iPad, iPad2, iPod, iPhone, Android or PC equipment and KNX. In addition you can use the interface as an IP programming interface for ETS3 or ETS4.

The interface is compatible with CommandFusion iViewer/guiDesigner.

The interface comes with an English Manual, demo project for the ETS and a demo project for Command Fusion.

Click here to go to the Apple KNX website

KNX guiDesigner Plugin

User Michael H from the KNX user forum has developed a KNX plugin which we have had good feedback about.

You can find the KNX plugin and details here. Please keep in mind it is all in German, so you will need to use Google Chrome or similar to translate the page. It should also be noted that the video guide is also in German.

Google Groups

KNX integration has been discussed many times on our Google Groups. Click here to perform a search for KNX on the Google Groups.

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