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iViewer Versions

iOS App Store (Apple)

Due to the intricacies of the Apple App Store, we have a few different versions available:

  • iViewer 5 is the latest stable version.
  • iViewer Next is the latest public beta version.
  • iViewer 4 is a legacy product, recently superseded by iViewer 5.
  • CF iViewer is a legacy product, superseded by iViewer 4, only used for old installations.
  • iViewer Lite has the same features as iViewer 4, but limited in project sizes it can load. It is also licensed less expensively.

See our website for a comparison of the versions.

We also have a private beta version for testing before releasing iViewer Next to the public.

So the release order goes:

  1. Internal Testing
  2. Private Beta Testing (iViewer TF)
  3. Public Beta Testing (iViewer Next)
  4. Public Stable Release (iViewer 5)

As we progress, each major version will remain on the app store as it's own app.
So once we hit iViewer6, it will become the public stable release, whilst iViewer5 will join iViewer 4 and CF iViewer as a legacy product.

Google Play Store (Android)

Thanks to an open platform, Android allows us to offer iViewer downloads direct from our website AND the Google Play Store.

You can find the current download links on the iViewer page of our website (both direct download and from the Play Store):

Learn More About iViewer Versions

See this blog post to learn more about iViewer versions and to work out which version is best for your needs.

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