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Manage IR Files Tab

In this tab, you can upload, and remove IR files. You can also see what commands the IR files contain and test commands contained in the IR files.

An IR file is created through our IR Learner software.

1 - Add/Remove Buttons

Use these buttons to either upload an IR file to your device, or remove a file. After you add or remove a file you must click the Save To Device button to save your changes.

2 - IR Files and Commands

This window will show you the files that you have added, or loaded from the device. Click the + button next to the IR file to expand and see the commands.

3 - IR File Info

Shows the details of the currently selected IR file.

4 - Test Stored IR Codes

This section allows you to choose a stored IR command from the left and then click the Send button to send the command through the designated port on your IR Blaster. Your IR Files must be saved to the device before this will work. Be sure to choose the correct module slot and IR Port.

5 - Buttons

  • Clear IR Files on Device removes all saved IR files from the device
  • Load From Device downloads any saved files on the device so you can view the details in system Commander
  • Save to Device saves any changes made to the device

IR File Management Video Guide

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