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CFLink Power Calculator, Cabling Examples & Best Practices

CFLink is very flexible in the wiring methods it allows. See the below image for our recommended best practices for CFLink cabling.

Click the image for the full size version.

Other Examples

Other cabling examples can be seen in our application diagrams.


Use this power calculator spreadsheet to help you calculate the type of cabling you should use when designing your CFLink network. It takes into account the cable size, voltage required at furthest point and total power supply wattage required.

Step 1: Enter the number of the device model shown to the left you will have on a single CFLink cable run. More devices means more power is required and shorter cable runs are possible.

Step 2: Enter the minimum voltage you require at the furthest point from the power supply. Eg. If a CF-Mini is the device at the end of a cable run, and want to have no lower than 12V feeding into it, enter 12 in this field.

Step 3: Check the cable chart for information to help you plan your cabling run.

Please note that the spreadsheet is protected from making accidental changes to the content or formula resulting in errors in the calculation. If you do wish to edit the spreadsheet, the password to unlock it is “commandfusion”

Screenshot of spreadsheet:

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