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This card adds DALI capability to the Solo controller.
It features 2 x DALI channels/loops, with up to 64 devices per channel (128 total DALI addresses).
Also on-board are 2 x dry contact inputs, which can be used to trigger rules on the Solo, including but not limited to triggering DALI lighting commands.
The card can supply power to the DALI bus if the Solo is powered by the 2-pin connector only. If powering the Solo via USB, the CARD-DALI cannot supply power to the DALI bus.


The card is supplied with 2 x 6-pin spring terminal connectors.
Pinout is as follows (top left to bottom right):

  1. P01 DA +
  2. P01 DA -
  3. P01 DA Loop-through
  4. P01 DA Loop-through
  5. P01 Dry Contact Input COM
  6. P01 Dry Contact Input GND
  7. P02 DA +
  8. P02 DA -
  9. P02 DA Loop-through
  10. P02 DA Loop-through
  11. P02 Dry Contact Input COM
  12. P02 Dry Contact Input GND


The card features 2 x slide switches, which determine if the card will supply power to each DALI bus or not.
With the ports facing you, sliding the switch left enables DALI bus power output. Sliding to the right disables bus power.
With DALI bus power disabled, you will need to have another DALI power supply on the bus (sold by third parties).
The first switch (left most when ports are facing you) controls power for DALI channel 1. The second switch controls power for the second DALI channel.

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