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Portuguese iViewer Training Webinar March 20 - Book Your Spot Now!

Posted By Aaron Green - 28 Jan, 2014

We have great news for our Portuguese speaking customers - we have organised Filepe Kirino of Curso Direto in Brazil to run a training webinar in your own language!

Felipe will cover the basics you need to know to get started with iViewer and guiDesigner. You will create your own graphical user interface (GUI) and upload it to your device.

This webinar will be run in Portuguese, there will be no English at all. Attendees will be able to speak directly to the presenter, ask questions and receive immediate responses.

The first 10 registrations are totally free!

This is the perfect opportunity for Portuguese speaking integrators and DIYers to learn how to create powerful mobile GUI's to control almost anything.

Places are limited, dont miss out!

Webinar Details

Price: $40.00 AUD (free for first 10 registrations)
Date/Time: March 20th 2014, 2pm GMT -3 (Brazil)
Running Time: Approx 1 hour 20 minutes
Language: Portuguese - no english
Webinar Format: Goto meeting

Webinar Schedule

  1. Demonstration of webinar outcome
  2. Overview of iViewer Versions
  3. How to install iViewer
  4. Overview of iViewer licensing and how it works
  5. Show where the download links of guiDesigner
  6. Overview of guiDesigner and how to install it
  7. Creating a new guiDesigner project
  8. Creating a Theme ( buttons, texts, sliders and background)
  9. Creating buttons
  10. Working with sub pages
  11. Importing a project
  12. Creating an auxiliar system
  13. Creating auxiliar commands
  14. Creating auxiliar Macro
  15. Final demonstration and question time

Demonstration Videos

You can view some samples of Felipe's video lessons here:

Felipe Kirino Biography

Teacher of home automation since 2007, serving the school "Tecnoponta”.

Creator of the only Home Automation course given outside a factory.

Mediator of the single home automation updates site

Home Automation speaker on JAT (Technological Day Update) from "Santa Cecícila University", in editions of 2007 and 2008.

Home Automation Interviewee for the TV program “Pequenas “Empresas Grandes Negócios” at TV Globo (Main Tv Channel in Brazil).

Home Automation Interviewee for the TV news program “Primeira Hora” at TV Taruba / Bandeirantes.

One of the main integrator of Home Automation in Brazil.

Creator of the first automated display window at a toy store of Brazil.

Certified Integrator by IHC, Zwave, Global Cache, Somfy and Lutron / Lutron Homeworks factories.

Owner of Kirino Smart Home Company, technical and technological director of some partner such as "QUATRI" and "CONTÉCNICA”.

Owner and developer of where many Home Automation online classes are given.

Reserve Your Spot

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