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New C3 iPad iViewer Template 'Dash' Now Available

Posted By Aaron Green - 17 Jul, 2014

Dash for CommandFusion iViewer

Custom Code Crafters newest iViewer/guiDesigner template "Dash" is now available in the CommandFusion Store.

Effortless One Touch Control

Dash is designed to be a perfect interface for wall mounted iPads. It's 'dashboard' display from where it gets it's name is perfect for effortless one touch control but each feature can be drilled down for more detailed control of the selected system. Its simple, clean and very much focused on the user.

Keep it Simple

C3 have kept their 'keep it simple and intuitive' philosophy right through to the GUI template itself. There is no need for any complicated JavaScript, just neatly laid out pages and sub pages. As with all C3 templates, it comes bundled up with a whole host of icons, palettes and help files.

Get Dash Now

Dash is available right now in the CommandFusion store, head on over and check it out.

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