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5 Year Warranty on CommandFusion Hardware

Posted By Aaron Green - 15 May, 2014

It's already widely known that CommandFusion hardware is extremely reliable, but did you know that all our hardware is covered by a 5 year warranty?

One of the main design criteria for the hardware, was that it had to be reliable. A lot of time was put into sourcing the highest quality components, as well as comprehensively testing the hardware under the most brutal conditions.

CommandFusion Hardware

A Selection of CommandFusion Hardware

So when it came to marketing the products, the question was asked: How do we let the customer know just how much faith we have in the hardware's reliability?

We asked CommandFusion Co-Founder Jarrod Bell about this, he said "We are 100% confident in our product design and decided to offer a full 5 year warranty. It is important that our customers trust us and our products to deliver on value and functionality, and I believe this guarantee proves that we are serious contenders in the automation and control market space."

Types of Projects

CommandFusion products are regularly used in many different types of projects, these include:


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