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MediaPortal iViewer Preview - Amazing GUI by The North Coders!

Posted By Aaron Green - 16 Apr, 2014

Our friends over at The North Coders have been working on their MediaPortal iViewer (previously known as EVE) for some time now, and it is finally nearing completion! They have released a preview video which shows off a very impressive interface, all created with guiDesigner and iViewer.

This GUI will be released as a stand alone app on the Apple App store using our OEM Service. It will integrate with the popular MediaPortal application and give control directly from an iPad.

MediaPortal iViewer makes the most of iViewer's powerful JavaScript API, giving the user complete control of their home theater PC.


Just some of the features available in this GUI includes:

  • Choose a TV Series or Movie to watch
  • Manage recordings and schedules
  • Now Playing screens
  • Power on or off your media portal pc
  • Choose radio stations
  • Control and play your music collection
  • Create, edit and play playlists
  • Stream music tracks, albums or playlists to your iPad
  • Search your entire MediaPortal database
  • Full control of your image gallery
  • Stream TV series and movies to your iPad
  • View TV guides
  • Stream live TV to your iPad
  • Easy Setup
  • Much more!


Try MediaPortal iViewer Free!

On release, there will be two versions, one FREE preview version that include full remote control functionality and preview of what features one can expect of the full paid version. The full version app will be called MediaPortal iViewer - Eve edition. It will be available for all iPad's. Unfortunately we have currently no plans for releasing an Android version.

Powered by CommandFusion

Created entirely with iViewer and guiDesigner, this amazing and stunning GUI really shows off just what iViewer is capable of.

For more details on our OEM service, see this page.

Coming Soon

We will provide further details of the MediaPortal iViewer app as they become available.

Official Websites

Discuss MediaPortal iViewer on the MediaPortal forums.
Join the MediaPortal iViewer Discussion on their Google+ Community.

About The North Coders

TheNorthCoders is a group of 'spare time' professionals who are passioned about designing and developing user friendly and beautiful user interfaces for use with the most versatile mediacenter around: MediaPortal. For more information on The North Coders, see their YouTube Channel and their Google+ Page.

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