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Demo iViewer GUI From ISE Amsterdam 2014

Posted By Aaron Green - 14 Feb, 2014

Well we are back from ISE Amsterdam, and it was a roaring success. With over 50,000 people through the doors, we had one of our busiest trade shows yet.

Many of you who visited us asked for a copy of the GUI from the demonstration kit we had set up. So we are happy to provide you with it!

The iPad GUI we used includes elements such as:

  • KNX integration
  • XBMC integration
  • CFLink discovery
  • Dynamic menus
  • Advanced JavaScript usage

The download also includes a photoshop source file to allow you to easily customise the graphics included.

You are free to download this GUI and do with it as you like. If you have any questions relating to how any elements of the GUI work, contact us via our support page or on the Google Groups.

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