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Use CommandFusions IR Database to Easily Create and Send IR Commands

Posted By Aaron Green - 14 Nov, 2013

Did you know that any CommandFusion devices that are capable of sending IR signals contain a database of over 500,000 IR codes?

These codes cover brands across a large array of device types. So in the majority of cases, for standard Audio/Video products such as DVD players, TVs, etc, you won't have to learn any IR codes at all.

CommandFusion Ir Blaster

The CommandFusion IR Blaster has a 270° IR output to flood a room with infrared

Combine this database with CommandFusion hardware and the CFLink Command Builder included with guiDesigner and you can quickly and easily program a GUI to send IR commands!

You can search the full database and even create CFLink commands here.

Learn more about the CFLink Command Builder here.

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