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Add Password Protection to Your iViewer GUI

Posted By Aaron Green - 07 Aug, 2013

Customers often ask for a way to password protect their system for many different reasons. It may be that you want some security in case you lose your phone, or that you simply want to lockout access to certain areas of your interface. We have developed a module and demo project to help achieve this in your GUI. Check out our video guide to learn more!

In this video and in our wiki, we will have a quick look at how to implement some basic password protection to your GUI. This is done using our new password lock JavaScript module.

This module adds a simple password validation to block entry to a page.

You could use this to block access to any part of a GUI you design in guiDesigner. It might be to block access to CCTV feeds or alarm system controls. In our demonstration, we are using this functionality to lockout access to parental controls.

Visit our wiki for a text guide on how to implement the password lock module.

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