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Which Version of iViewer Should I Choose?

Posted By Aaron Green - 02 Aug, 2013

With the recent release of iViewer Lite, there are now effectively three different versions of iViewer to choose from.

Each version is targeted at a different customer type, in this blog post we will take a look at the differences.

iViewer 4 Free

You can get iViewer 4 Free by searching for iViewer 4 on the the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Simply locate iViewer 4 and download it. Yes - this is the same download as iViewer 4 Pro, but to keep it free we simply do not load any licencing information into our GUI in guiDesigner.

iViewer 4 Free is designed for very simple systems or for basic iViewer testing. It allows for full use of the JavaScript API so you can take advantage of iViewers advanced functionality. The main restrictions are that you cannot link to other GUIs, and you are limited to 1 page only.1

iViewer Lite

iViewer Lite is only available on the Apple App Store at the moment. It is designed to make iViewer much more affordable for DIY users. It is also suited for use in smaller jobs by integrators.

iViewer Lite is priced at $49.99USD to make it an affordable alternative to iViewer 4 Pro. It also uses the App store model for licencing, which allows you to install it on any device that uses the Apple ID you purchased it with!

Once again, GUI Linking is not available. On iPhone pages are unlimited, while on iPad you are limited to 10 pages/subpages. 1 There is also a limitation of 200 objects within your GUI. 2

iViewer 4 Pro

iViewer 4 Pro is our original iViewer that you have come to know and love. It has no restrictions and licences are purchased through our online store.

It is designed for anyone who wants to create super powerful GUIs to control anything that can be controlled via ethernet! Whether it is a home automation system, a commercial control system or anything else you can imagine.

Comparison Table

iViewer Icon
iViewer 4 FREE
iViewer Lite Icon
iViewer Lite
iViewer Icon
iViewer 4 Pro
Fully customisable GUI with guiDesigner
View customer examples on youtube: iPad - iPhone
Simultaneously control multiple systems
TCP Client/Server, UDP Unicast/Multicast/Broadcast, HTTP, HTTPS
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
JavaScript API
GUI Linking
iPhone Pages/Subpages
Portrait & landscape orientations count as 1 page combined
1 Unlimited Unlimited
iPad Pages/Subpages
Portrait & landscape orientations count as 1 page combined
1 10 Unlimited
GUI Objects (buttons, sliders, etc) Unlimited 200 Unlimited
Licensing model N/A App store model Per mobile device
More Info
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App Store

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CF iViewer and iViewer Next

"But wait!" I hear you say, "What about the other versions I see in the Apple App Store?".

Well yes, you are correct - there are two other versions in the app stores.

CF iViewer is a legacy product - this means that this is an OLD version of the software and is no longer maintained or supported. It lacks many features of iViewer 4 and should only be used if you are using a device that is not supported by iViewer 4 (pre iOS 4.3). So if you are using CF iViewer and you are running an operating system of iOS 4.3+ - you should immediately upgrade to iViewer 4.

iViewer Next is where we test our latest public beta. This is so advanced users of iViewer 4 can download and test upcoming features. There are quite often bugs in this version and it should not be used outside of a testing environment. It most certainly SHOULD NOT be used in an installation.

  1. Portrait & landscape orientations count as 1 page combined. Subpages are counted as one page. 

  2. An object is any item within a GUI page such as a button, slider etc. You can find your object count is in the guiDesigner status bar. 

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