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CommandFusion Hardware Distributor Appointed in Chile

Posted By Aaron Green - 31 Jul, 2013

We are very happy to announce that FG High End have been appointed as the exclusive distributor of CommandFusion hardware covering the region of Chile.

This important step gives us our first distribution presence on the continent of South America. FG High End have a wealth of knowledge in the audio visual industry in Chile, and the CommandFusion product line provides them the ability offer a full turnkey solution.

South America is very important to us, a significant portion of our customers are located in that region. We are very excited to be working with the team at FG High End, with such a powerful product and a strong distributor we can continue to grow the popularity of CommandFusion.Jarrod Bell, Co-Founder, CommandFusion.

With affordability and a modular, open framework at its core, the CommandFusion hardware range has been steadily growing in popularity. The hardware revolves around a modular design ensuring that all system sizes from a single room home automation system up to an entire campus control system are cost effective.

The hardware line fits in well with FG High End current products. With their team of support staff and programmers, they can offer local integrators the assistance they need to put together powerful automation and control systems. Already successful in the audio visual industry, FG High End will be looking to quickly gain ground in the local commercial and industrial automation and control sectors.

CommandFusion offer a superior control product to others we have considered. The system is well designed, and extremely powerful. The pricing is spot on, with control hardware this cost effective, it will not be hard to sell this great hardware. Francisco Garate, General Manager at FG High End

About FG High End

Over the past 20 years, FG High End have gained a national and international reputation in the audio high end market. They are the leading distributor in Chile in the audio high end field with the largest showroom and auditioning facility in the country.

FG High End seek to work with the customer to offer a system that suits the end user and the environment it is being installed in. FG High End are proud to have represented many world famous brands for more than 20 years such as Bowers Meridian, Nordost Classe and many more.

CommandFusion Automation Hardware is available in Chile from FG High End.

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